The king of flowers

The king of flowers

We just can't get enough of the beautiful Protea flower. This striking bloom is perfectly suited to adorn any design, with its colourful and angular features.

The Protea is South Africa’s most ubiquitous symbol, and for good reason, as it's one of the most unique flowers in the world. There are approximately 1350 different species of Protea flower, with 92% endemic to the Cape Floristic Region. Even more remarkable, the rate of evolution here is three times faster here than normal, resulting in an astounding diversity of plantlife.

The King Protea, or Protea cynaroides, is found only in the Cape Floristic Region, and can reach up to 300mm in diametre and grow up to two metres in height. A few other stunning varieties include the pincushion flower, which has a wide variety of subspecies, such as the fiery Catherine wheel.

If you're a fan of this gorgeous flower, you'll love Pure Products' Cape Town Protea towel, made of soft, hand-sheared microfibre velour on the front, and plush absorbent looped cotton terry on the back. 

Gift giver

Gift giver

There are a lot of creative companies out there making unexpected and quirky corporate gifts. Some are going so far as to send their clients regular shipments of jewellery (rocksbox), health food (graze) or presents for their dogs (barkbox).

A lot of people are tired of receiving the same old branded diaries or pen. When you really want to impress your clients, you can’t go wrong with being unique and getting them something they will remember.

It takes a lot to stand out from the crowd these days. One way to do this is through customisation. There are some beautiful examples out there, such as these gorgeous boxes from Custom Printed Bags and Boxes in Australia. Almost anything can be engraved or foiled with a name or company name. Take a personalised whisky or wine decanter; a personalised notebook; even just the box that includes the gift.

Then there are artisan gift companies like Marigold & Grey or Love and Found, which offer hampers brimming with exquisite gourmet food, bath products, or anything generally indulgent. For a more corporate option that is still original and chic, London's Not Another Bill offers refined gifts for home, him or her, including items like leather folios, customised champagne or whisky hampers, or even a fine backgammon set. 

Well-given corporate gifts can distinguish you as sophisticated and thoughtful; it's all down to refined production process and the best materials. Pure Products offers a variety of great gifts for corporate, or we can help you create an exclusive, unique gift to set your company apart. Click here for more information. 

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Not Another Bill


 Marigold and Grey



Beautiful beach towels

Beautiful beach towels

Have a gander at our gorgeous new beach towels, featuring illustrated city and botanical designs... we're already getting ready for summer!

These colourfully illustrated beach towels are made of the softest plush absorbent looped cotton terry, with a soft hand-sheared microfibre velour front. They feature gorgeous protea or strelitizia illustrations, or grab one of our city versions, either in stunning colour or in a chic grey with tassles.

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